Small is the new big.

A down economy is the new reality.

Welcome to our series of delicious conversations about social media marketing.

The Corporate Blogging BookSocial media is proving to be a powerful, cost-effective way to reach your customers and to participate in – and influence – the conversation around your brand, product or cause.

Should you be Twittering? Start a Facebook group? What about a blog — the home base of a social media marketing strategy?

Want some ideas you can chew on? Attend one of our events. Eat a cupcake. Receive a signed copy of Debbie Weil’s book.


Blogging and Cupcakes is a social media event series created and produced by Debbie Weil and sponsored by DC’s leading social media experts, including Jess3 and TechCocktail.


Debbie is a corporate social media consultant (and blogger) and a sought-after speaker based in Washington DC. She is the author of the widely-praised The Corporate Blogging Book. She leads workshops on corporate blogging and business use of Twitter and provides keynotes for company retreats and conferences. Her clients include Global 100 and Fortune 500 companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, HP, Edward Jones and the American College of Radiology.